Clinton R. Chronister  

Intuitive Digital Artist

I'm an intuitive Digital Artist

Due to the disability of being a tracheostomy patient, I live with a metal trach in my throat and need to be on oxygen and use a mist machine.   Also, I have to be in a climate-controlled area and being in a clean non-fume space.   I have limitations on work or jobs that  I can do. so I had to come up with something I couldn't let this defeat me. So, I rose up and explored, and found a solution.   I became an intuitive digital artist.

My intuitiveness, empathic, and able to feel energy and emotions are very heightened.

So I  took those gifts and used them for helping others thru art to somehow take their negative pain, and sadness and turn it around to a brighter lighter happier life thru art.

The world and life is my muse.