Reiki Treatments

These treatments can be done at my home that is my place of business.   I can send energy reiki treatments from where I am at to where you are at in the country or on the planet by sending energy by establishing a connection with you.  I do treatments at my home my place of business using a massage table a nice calm ambiance sometimes with crystals, and a drum. Also depending on the day and time, we will go nature way where you lay on the ground on the earth and we will do a reiki treatment that way.    

My methods are to cleanse the negative emotions, negative energy away from you so you can move forward. these are free.

Portrait Readings

What is a portrait reading? It is where I take an updated photo of your head shot or face and I digitally draw and paint it as I am doing so I start to get a reading thru it what happens when I do this, I take the ego away and what society has done to you or what your energy speaks to me at some times even the very soul tells me what I need to show you or say.  This isn't like a tarot reading or speaking to angels or anything like that this is a connection I get with what your energy imprinted or your soul and it will tell me where you are what you need to fix or change or that you are where you need to be. 

Portrait Readings can be purchased thru the online store. Click the portrait logo and purchase through there.

How it works after you purchased your reading you send me an updated photo of your face or head shot through email to this email Then I will begin to do your reading and draw it out and as I am drawing it out a reading will come to me then I put it on a matted 8 x 10 frame with your reading printed out and mail to you 

Commission Work

What I do for a commission is I can customize an art piece to something or try to, it will be my art no one else my artwork only.   How this works is you contact me thru email or on the phone number listed on contacts page. and give me a description or what is your vision or thought on a number of platforms whether it is a book cover, album cover, business logo, website art you need or want me to construct from your thoughts or a blanket, canvas, prints we can come to a price that works for both of us.